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Hi! I'm Natalie, welcome to my world!

I’ve been so used to looking after other people over the years including writing biogs, that when it came time to writing one for myself, I was stuck! First of all my name’s Natalie and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Now, about who I am and what I do…


Well, I have my fingers in a few pies, that if anything has come from years of networking and connecting people within various industries. I’m a businesswoman, music manager, Radio Presenter, Executive Producer and writer and if you’d have asked me 10 years ago where my life would be as I approach 40, it certainly wouldn’t have looked like this. But, I’m a big believer in everything for a reason and nothing before its time!


Having grown up in the music industry, as the daughter of soul pioneer Jaki Graham, the last thing mum ever wanted me to do was be involved in the music industry. But, when it’s in your blood then so be it! Although I dipped my toes in many an industry over the years, including a lengthy and successful stint in IT Recruitment (which allowed me to get myself on the property ladder at a young age), if anything, I thought the life of a budding property tycoon beckoned. But the music continued to call me. Having also seen the lows as well as highs that this line of work can bring and the impact it had on my dad’s health due to the pressures, I made the decision to throw in the towel on a secure and regular income, take the plunge and look after mum and her career instead!


It’s whilst on this path that the door opened up to present my own radio show with the BBC and allow people to find out more about the woman who sits behind the scenes and makes things happen. I’m also extremely random in the sense of going from what I do within music to standing on the terraces of football matches, being into health and holistic wellbeing to putting my crystals out in a full moon and sage smudging whenever I can!

The most important thing for me in life however, is love. Loving my family and friends and loving what I do. So, as I write and as you read, you may be taken on various tangents but the underlying tone will always be love, support and positivity, especially as we’re living in a world that needs this now more than ever.

Thanks for coming on board and I hope you enjoy being on this journey with me as we’re all in this together!

With Love



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