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Blue Monday!

We all know that blue Monday is a thing but even more so today! Yes, this is apparently THE Monday where pressures of Christmas spending, funds running low and the countdown to the January pay day all start to take it's toll (and that's before we even throw the not so nice weather into the mix whilst still navigating a pandemic)!!

As much as I'd love to wave a magic wand for us all to make everything go away and instantly solve our problems, sadly reality dictates otherwise. But, what I do know is that we've made it this far! There may not have been an instant reset once the clock struck midnight on the 1st January 2021. In fact, for most people, every day throughout 2020 became blue for our own personal and often very different reasons, but how many of us felt we'd struggle to make it this far? The point being, we did and we have.

Even with the weight of the world on your shoulders, without you even realising it, the resilience you have shown up to this point may have inspired more people than you know. Be it from the CEO's trying to maintain a business and figuring out how to keep their businesses afloat (whilst dealing with the added pressure and responsibility of knowing how many employees are relying on them to keep them in a job as there's mouths to feed); to those who may not have been so lucky as to maintain their job, now wondering 'What do I do from here?', but still get up in the morning and by hook or by crook have found a way to keep food on the table; to those on the frontline being subjected to the daily traumas of current times; to the parents who are trying to juggle it all (including now home-schooling) and thinking 'I can't take any more!!'; and of course to those who have been unfortunate to have lost the ones they love the most, but for the sake of their families and loved ones, continue to carry themselves with dignity on a daily basis and keep the memories of those loved and lost alive.

Please remember, every single one of you is incredible! And when we all feel like we've reached that lowest point, usually when we're at our lowest, the only way to go from there is up! So look to the sky and continue to shine like the star that you are, as your light shines so much brighter and further than you know!



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