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Give thanks!

It’s been a while and what a year! Between turning 40 (and coming to terms with life having ventured down a completely different path than I’d initially thought for myself), moving out AGAIN following 2 years of lockdown life with the folks, it’s also been a lot circumnavigating the changes we’ve all recently faced.

Being on air 5 nights a week throughout this period meant I’d come home from work but didn’t always feel in the right frame of mind to sit and write about my own feelings after absorbing the struggles of others.

Then, dad suffered a stroke!! Fortunately, I got to him just in time, but all whilst mum was abroad for a month working (and after so long too). Of course, it had to happen the first time she’d ever been away from him for more than a week in all their 48 years of being together (and unable to return home due to various restrictions). Supporting mum emotionally as best I could from afar and knowing how broken she was while trying to convince myself, as well as dad, that he was going to be ok and trying to maintain an upbeat disposition when live on air, turned out to be a lot even by my usual standards.

It's situations like this that really do offer a fresh perspective on who and what’s important in life. Not money, not the material things or the ‘likes’ and validation. It’s the people. It’s the love for those who bring us joy and value every day of our lives, even if in the smallest of ways. It’s also about being thankful and showing gratitude. Being grateful for still having my dad here and back in good health; for those around me whom I love and care for dearly who have been there to support me and my family when we’ve needed it the most; for opportunities that I’ve been presented with that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, yet opened new doors I hadn’t previously considered; and for allowing me to grow and learn to be able to accept and embrace a new point of view that life doesn’t always work out how we expect.

There will always be curve balls that catch us off guard, some good, some bad, but many for a reason (even though we may not understand those reasons at the time). More often than not they can end up being for the better. Friendships and relationships have changed in this time too… some have faded while others have flourished in ways I never thought possible. What I do know is every unique experience makes me want to try and be a better version of myself every day, not just for myself but for those around me.

The long and short of it is, we may not get it right all the time but forgive yourself for your mistakes (just be sure to learn and grow from them); surround yourself with good, genuine people who put in just as much effort with you, as you them; and most of all, if you love someone let them know! Don’t wait for what you think is the ‘right time’. Love is such a beautiful thing and we all know this world needs it now more than ever. So, wear your heart on your sleeve and wear it with pride because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that time is so so precious and we shouldn’t let a second of it go to waste.

Thanks to all and sending love xxx

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Just listened to you wow, 21st August, outstanding so relaxing music, a lovely voice funny, and involve us lonely because of losing partner to cancer, thanks 💖💖💖😍

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