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Essential oils and how they can help

As more people are becoming conscious of what they feed their bodies, along with the products that they use (even more so now), the holistic way of life is becoming an increasing focus for many. Not only do we consider ourselves when deciding on what’s best to use but there’s that of the health and wellbeing of our families, both young and old.

A few years ago I became passionate about finding out as much as I could about holistic and alternative therapies after losing the feeling in the right side of my body (which is now back and fully functioning). Although I was prescribed a number of medications to ‘see if they would help’, I refused as I didn’t want to expose myself to unnecessary chemicals on a trial and error basis. I also then had to deal with my fathers’ ill health whilst he suffered from severe heart failure. Once again, he too was prescribed numerous meds that if anything were making him worse and counter-acting each other. Rightly or wrongly, I did my research and got him off these meds and onto more natural products ahead of his surgery.

Fortunately, he came through after a very scary time and is still with us to tell the tale. Now it’s diabetes that he deals with daily, but again through a good diet and essential oils he’s on the right path to overcoming peripheral neuropathy.

It is because of this that I thought there’s no point in having a platform such as my own blogging site, radio show and general social media feeds and not share with others what has worked for us, especially if spreading the knowledge can help someone else.

Via my link below, you can find out more about some of the essential oils I’m able to provide to set you on your way. Not only does this apply for those with diabetes, but should you have any skin complaints, headaches, hormonal changes, you name it, there’s something that can help. Plus, these are like a natural medicine cabinet for the entire family. So, whether you’re vegan and only like to deal with some of the purest products available or you’re simply looking at working on your overall emotional and physical wellbeing, this might be the way forward to set you on your path. Feel free to contact me with any queries should this be of interest and you would like more information.


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